Product Line.

  • Instrution Framework

    C# fast scripting framework

    Build fast scripts using C#.

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  • JS Workbench

    Run javascripts in any website

    Create and share scripts for troubleshooting and creating reports in remote sites.

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  • XS-SVN

    Source and docs control

    The easiest way to manage code, version control, collaborate and deploy.

  • Encrypted List

    Store your sensitive information in Office 365 with peace of mind.

    Free Office365 SharePoint app to store your encrypted records.

    • Open Source
    • Free
    • 100% JavaScript implementation
    • Compatible with OpenSSL
    • Industry standard RSA encryption
    • Create your own 512, 1024, 2048, 4096 encryption keys

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  • SharePoint Web Parts

    Power User Webpart

    A collection of JavaScript widgets to perform advanced operations in SharePoint.

    • 100% JavaScript implementation
    • Add as .webpart files

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  • Remote Logs

    Cloud based event logging system

    Save and review events generated from multiple sources.

    • Highly scalable.
    • Supports CORS requests.
    • JavaScript/Server side logging clients
    • Remote viewing from anywhere/anytime via a standard Web browser.
    • Open storage and server systems scale easily and cheaply, with no need for specialized recording equipment or training

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